At Ann Arbor Doulas we want you to feel completely supported in your healing and finding your way as a new family! Our goal is to guide you, affirm you, and help you to build your confidence in those early weeks, eventually working ourselves out of a job!

How we do that is by providing postpartum support at the birth center, hospital, and/or family's home during the crucial early days and weeks after the baby's birth. We offer non-medical support assisting with newborn care, infant feeding/lactation, light housekeeping, sleep, self-care, and snacks. Postpartum doulas are well versed in postpartum recovery and healing and are an amazing asset to have!

As postpartum doula professionals we are here to help each family as they navigate the transition into a new family of two, three, four, or more!

  • These postpartum packages are what we know as professionals, will help you the most. We have seen what postpartum care can do for families, and we are confident that you will be happy with the support.
  • Hiring a doula is an investment that will help you have a happier, healthier, and more empowered postpartum experience. We believe it is essential and priceless!

Tip: Check with your insurance carrier about reimbursement for doula support, as well as with your FSA or HSA!


  • One FREE phone consultation and one FREE virtual consultation.
  • Evidence-based guidance with newborn care.
  • Newborn feeding/lactation support.
  • Emotional support for your family.
  • Community referrals.
  • Organizing baby's space/things.
  • Light tidying up.
  • Snacks and light meal preparation.
  • Baby laundry.
  • Sibling adjustment.


  • 40 hours of day support, night support or a combination of both.


  • 64 hours of day support, night support or a combination of both.


  • 80 hours of day support, night support or a combination of both.


  • 96 hours of day support, night support or a combination of both.


  • Customized Number of Hours Greater than 96
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On working with Brittany and Stephanie:

"I can't say enough how extremely satisfied I am with Stephanie and her team. I knew ahead of time that having my third child would be challenging for me (especially since I have very little family in the area), but I didn't know how much until my son arrived. I needed their assistance and they surpassed my expectations. They truly cared for me and about me and for that I am so grateful. I would recommend their postpartum doula services for any mom (new or experienced) who could use the help to adjust and find her stride after having baby."

- August 2019

“Whenever and however you intend to give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body and your spirit for the rest of your life.”

– Ina May Gaskin