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Diana Abdallah

Diana Abdallah is a Certified Postpartum Doula with ProDoula. Diana's journey into the birth world was not something intentional.

After birthing her son out-of-state, without friends and family nearby to support her postpartum, she suffered from postpartum anxiety and postpartum depression. She says she had no idea what she was doing. Breastfeeding wasn't as glorious as she anticipated, sleepless nights became the norm, and without a support system she was in the thick of learning her new journey into motherhood. Her husband was there to pick up the pieces after her lonely, long days staying home with her new little boy. He supported her unconditionally, but that just wasn't enough.

After searching for support in the very small town they lived, she couldn't find much, but stumbled upon a mom group. Thankfully, this allowed her to get out of the house and find some people who could share the ups-and-downs of motherhood with her. This made her feel less isolated and secluded. Upon moving back to the mitten state, she heard someone talking about a postpartum doula. She educated herself and found the first training in the area, and hasn't looked back since.

Diana thoroughly found her passion in life - supporting expecting families unconditionally!

Background & Training

Diana is a wife to Mike, who is in the automotive industry as a manufacturing plastics engineer, and mom to Vinny. She enjoys her time with her family and friends when she isn't caring for her families. Her favorites are a hot cup of coffee, watching Vinny master his karate moves, having dinner with her girlfriends, reading a good book, or a date night with Mike. Diana looks forward to assisting you and your family during your postpartum transition.

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