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Elizabeth Satterley

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Elizabeth Satterley, LCCE, CD(DONA)
Birth Doula
(734) 646-0223

About Me
I never imagined the joy that pregnancy and birth could bring until I had my own son, Cameron in 2005. I felt so blessed, excited and empowered by my experience I wanted to help other women and families have positive births as well. I was also looking to leave my job as a pastry chef to be home more with my husband and family.
I found the best of both worlds as a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator with the Lamaze Family Center Ann Arbor. Working with women there, I quickly realized how beneficial it was for birthing women and families to have calm, knowledgeable support with them during their birth.

I believe it is my role, as your Doula, to provide you with physical, emotional and informational support throughout your labor and birth experience. It is my goal to make birth a positive life event for both mom and her family.

If you hire me as your Doula we will have 2 - 3 prenatal visits to discuss your wishes for the birth, get to know one another and practice relaxation and comfort measures we may use in labor. I will be present in your labor to help mom and her partner cope physically as well as emotionally. Furthermore I can provide information so you and your family can make informed decisions about your birth experience. I am there to help you achieve the experience you desire, without judgment or personal agenda.

After the birth, I provide two visits to process the birth, check up on your health and emotional well-being and admire your baby. I am also available by phone and email for questions and concerns that may arise.

I offer birth doula services in Ann Arbor, Michigan, if you are delivering at either St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, or Woman's Hospital at the University of Michigan Medical Center.

My Doula Contract 
If you are interested in birth doula services, my birth doula package is $700. To read my contract, click here>>

I can also provide private 3-hour private childbirth sessions or hands-on, labor support class in the greater Ann Arbor area. These individualized classes will be customized to meet your needs. See our services page for a complete description of all our services

If you have more time and would like to work with a larger group, please visit the website of the Lamaze Family Center Ann Arbor at

"Elizabeth's presence at delivery and throughout my pregnancy was essential to both me and my husband. I had lots of questions and false alarms; having a calm and experienced person to call--anytime--made a huge difference for us.  Then, when labor brought several unanticipated circumstances, Elizabeth's role was even more important.  Reassuring and supportive, Elizabeth helped keep me focused and keep my husband calm.  We were thrilled with everything about our doula experience and recommend Elizabeth highly to other expectant parents."