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Cara Genisio

Contact Me
Cara Genisio, CD(DONA), LCCE
Birth Doula
(734) 478-7154

About Me
As a doula, I serve birthing women and their families.  My mission in doula work is to be a calming, supportive presence for women (and their partners) as they travel the rite of passage through birth and into parenthood.  I am especially passionate about attending the births of women planning to give birth in a hospital setting.  At this point in my doula career I have been honored to attend nearly fifty births.

If you retain my services as a birth doula, we will work together in prenatal meetings to create your vision for your ideal childbirth experience, both through discussions and hands-on practice of labor comfort techniques. We will also spend a a significant amount of time discussing how I can best support you though decision making during labor and early postpartum life; I believe that the way a woman and her partner feel during decision-making is crucial to their overall experience of labor and birth. During labor, I am present to empower women and their families to make informed choices about their birth experience, and I will do whatever I can to provide calm, non-judgmental, continuous  physical and emotional support.  Finally, after the birth, I meet with families at least twice and am available for contact via phone, text and e-mail. I work with approximately one client per month throughout the year.

My Professional History and Certifications
I became a Childbirth Educator with the Lamaze Family Center-Ann Arbor during the summer of 2007, where I am fortunate to work with my fellow doulas Elizabeth Satterley and Jodie Hughes.  Shortly after that, I began my work as a birth doula.  I am certified as a birth doula by DONA International, and as a childbirth educator by Lamaze International.  

My Life Outside of Doula Work
My daughter, Maia, was born in January 2007, and my experience as a first-time mother inspired my passion for working with women and families on their journey into parenthood.  My second child, Eli, was born in August 2010.  My children challenge me and inspire me every day in ways that I'd never expected, and I feel very fortunate to know them.  Outside of my role as a parent, I love to read fiction and non-fiction both, I'm rediscovering the joy of horseback riding, and I am currently training for my first ever marathon run in October 2014. I grew up in East Lansing, MI, and attended the University of Michigan for my undergraduate degree in literature. 

My Doula Contract
If you are interested in birth doula services, my doula package is $700. To read my contract, please click here>>